Pro Series Holster (53H)


Product Description:

Raine's Pro Series 53H Holsters Are A Level 1 Retention With An Adjustable Thumb Break
High Grade Reinforced Nylon 
Ambidextrous Fitting
Soft Lining Protect Your Gun
Slight Forward Angle
Full Grasp
Can Be Used With The #055C Shoulder Harness

53H1-Beretta 9mm/.40 92 Series, Taurus PT92, PT99, PT945, Browning High Power, Government Colt .45 1911

53H2-SIG 220/226 9mm/.45 P220, P226 

53H3-Glock 9mm/.40 17,22, S&W Sigma 9mm/.40 SW40F

53H4- Glock 9mm/.40 Compact 19,23, SIG 228/229 9mm Compact, P228/229 S&W 9mm/.40 Compact 6904, 6906,... 

53H5-Taurus .380 PT58, PT908, PT910, S&W 9mm 5903, 5904, 5906 

53H6-S&W K Frame 4" 10, 13,64, 65 

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